“Absolutely loved my visit here! All of the staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming.”
Elizabeth C.

“Great experience, the staff was fantastic and made me feel at ease from the moment I first came through the door until the moment I left.”
Brian N.

“My first time there it was a good experience, I would recommend this clinic to others.”
Tim F.

“Had an outstanding experience at this place”
James P.

Great Doctor
CHARLES N. | Dec 13, 2023

Great experience
CHARLES N. | Dec 13, 2023

Dr Edwards, was so kind and straight forward. Easy to talk to, but takes his profession seriously. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or alcohol..please give them a call. The staff is super friendly and they seem to really care.
CHARLOTTE W. | Oct 18, 2023

Dr Edwards is excellent. He is attentive and very easy to talk and open up to. He and Maria in the office are so kind and always are there and available when they are needed. I would recommend this practice to anyone who needed the type of service they provide.
MARY T. | Aug 22, 2023

Friendly, listen and shows concern about patient.
KATHERINE B. | Aug 17, 2023

DANNIE H. | Aug 01, 2023

Friendly, caring, and supportive.
MONDA M. | Jul 19, 2023

Emily is awesome
MONIQUE R. | Jun 28, 2023

Pleasant and helpful.
JENNIE H. | Jun 23, 2023

Video, sound, e-mails and all notifications were great & on time
TERA T. | Jun 21, 2023

Everyone at Magnolia Clinic are extra nice and caring. It makes a difference when you’re doctor listens and takes care of your needs. I highly recommend Emily McCormac!!
Avis H. | May 04, 2023

Alton B. | May 03, 2023

Great love this place.
Anita C. | Apr 26, 2023

Mrs. Emily is Amazing! She is so thorough and attentive, very sensitive and caring. My daughter feels more comfortable with her than any other therapist she’s seen. We’re so thankful to have found Mrs. Emily
Amelia F. | Apr 25, 2023

Emily and Brandon are great
Phillip S. | Apr 18, 2023

Great very helpful
Jayden Y. | Apr 01, 2023

Great,Patience for all….
Demond R. | Mar 29, 2023

Emily is wonderful, compassionate, and really smart. I won’t see anybody else. 5 star I say!!!!!!!!!!!
Randy B. | Mar 17, 2023

Great love her
Faith H. | Mar 14, 2023

I have been a patient at Magnolia Counseling since 1993. Here retirement caused chaos for me, after she assured me the Office was in tact! I have problems with so many ups and downs with different psychiatrists!
Katherine B. | Mar 07, 2023

She’s a very sweet lady
Carlisa N. | Mar 06, 2023

Awesome and caring staff with a ton of knowledge.
Daniel L. | Mar 04, 2023

Emily is so helpful to me in dealing with my anxiety.She is very easy to communicate with.I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing them.
Jeff I. | Mar 02, 2023

First visit with psych nurse Went well
Delona G. | Feb 23, 2023

She is the best Psych NP. She exceeds my expectations at every visit. I never thought I could get this lucky with a psych NP that actually takes the time to listen and plan accordingly. She makes adjustments based off your individual needs and never does a GDR unless it is absolutely for the benefit of the patient.
Sydney H. | Feb 22, 2023

Emily McCormac, PMHNP is an excellent provider. She was very attentive and has a great “bedside manner”. I would definitely recommend her.
Sydna S. | Feb 21, 2023

I like my doctor she is very helpful.
Annie O. | Feb 09, 2023

Service was awesome friendly, fast, and efficient.
Monda M. | Feb 05, 2023

Tera T. | Feb 03, 2023

I always have a pleasant experience.
Anita C. | Feb 01, 2023

Better ,and better each visit with you
Demond R. | Feb 01, 2023

Listens to me
Bradley R. | Jan 27, 2023

Always a wonderful experience. My 15 year old will actually talk to her and feels comfortable to be open about any problems she is having. The staff makes getting appointments and keeping them very easy.
Kimberly C. | Jan 26, 2023

Emily is easy to talk to and knows her job well very caring for her patients
Jeff I. | Jan 02, 2023

She listened to me til I completely finished telling her… roughly… my life. She was. Very professional, and super sweet.
Victoria F. | Dec 30, 2022

Everyone is very nice and easy to talk too
Bradley R. | Dec 28, 2022

She listened to me and helped me to understand what was going on. She was very professional. Great bedside manners.
Victoria F. | Dec 05, 2022

Comfortable environment. Very nice and caring. I really feel good about Emily and the plan that was set. Again thank you much!
George B. | Dec 02, 2022

Understanding and caring
Anita C. | Dec 02, 2022

Great service treated with dignity and respect
Latonya T. | Nov 30, 2022

Mrs. McCormac and her staff are the absolute best! She listens and that by itself accounts for itself!
Chakita B. | Nov 16, 2022

I love Dr.McCormack. She has really helped me a lot. AS
Amirah S. | Nov 12, 2022

Very friendly and understanding staff!! Overall great and extremely helpful experience!!
Sullivan A. | Oct 21, 2022

Very helpful and friendly staff honest too
Mia L. | Oct 19, 2022

Most caring and loving Clinic in my area for the miles I drive and yes meet the nurses and they are wonderful and understanding
Demond R. | Sep 27, 2022

Emily was very friendly and concerned. She asked questions that had you thinking and deciding on what to say. She involved patient in decision making input.
Jennie H. | Sep 27, 2022

Very personable and easy to talk to!
Alexandra H. | Aug 31, 2022

Abosutely awesome made a awesome difference in my life
Clara J. | Aug 31, 2022

Dr. Emily and the rest of the staff was so nice and welcoming.
Bradley K. | Aug 30, 2022

I felt heard and not judged. The best experience I’ve had. Looking forward to our next visit.
Kimberly C. | Aug 20, 2022

Excellent staff and Emily listens to you and works to provide the best treatment plan for you! I would recommend that if you have Insomnia, Depression, anxiety call and schedule your appointment today!
Cynthia P. | Aug 17, 2022

Braden V. | Aug 16, 2022

Dr. Actually listens and seems interested in what your going through and problems yourself are dealing
Christopher Y. | Aug 15, 2022